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Population lists

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A population list is your audience for a particular email.

The Alumni, Donor & External Relations Services team has constructed a ServiceNow form for groups to request population lists for their emails. Take a look at the form to familiarize yourself with the details we take into account to build the best possible audience for your communications.

Here are some questions to consider when you are planning an email communication to alumni:

  • Would you like to include alumni who are current students?
    • Ex. co-terms
    • Our default practice is to remove current students.
  • Do you need us to target a specific location?
    • Ex. (Prior to the pandemic) When sending an invitation for an on-campus event, some groups opt to invite alumni in the Bay Area, rather than all alumni around the world who are unlikely to be able to attend.
  • Is your email applicable to particular class years?
    • Ex. For a particular career services email, you may want to target recent alumni who have graduated within the past ten years.
Updated 04/14/21
Staff that should receive all outgoing email communications to alumni
Angela Young
Catherine McMillan
Cathy Cosgrove
Claire Rooney
Erin Phillips
Frank Scioscia
Heather Paisar
Jeff Gordon
Katie Ryser-Oatman
Larissa Price
Matthew Bahls
Mauricio Valencia
Mike Freedman
Nyjeri Whipps
Sarah Bielecki
Suzanne Morze
Tom Abate
Tonja Deegan
Jeannie Meyer
Edward Espinoza
Susan Pursey