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Image specifications for Drupal sites

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While images can greatly enhance your content, it's important to keep a few technical aspects in mind before placing them on your site.

We recommend reviewing the Identity Guide section on Photography and the Web Services User Guide recommendations for images on Stanford sites before going into the specifications below that Engineering uses.

Recommended photo editing application

While the User Guide lists several options for applications to edit photos, our team uses Adobe Photoshop.

Drupal 8+ Sites

All images for digital use

  • Color mode: RGB
  • PPI (pixels per inch): 72
  • File size: no larger than 1MB
  • File type: JPEG by default, but PNG may be needed for vectors/transparency

Top banner images

  • Dimensions: 3000px by 1100px
  • Aspect ratio: 30:11
  • File size: 250KB to 750KB*

Card and paragraph banner images

  • Dimensions: 2000px by 1000px
  • Aspect ratio: 2:1
  • File size: 100KB to 500KB*

*These ranges have been established through our team's cropping and resizing of many images. You should be able to fit between for the final file size, but sometimes you may be able to have a smaller file size, or may have to go with a slightly larger file size. As a general rule, smaller files are better, as long as they don't compromise the quality of the image at full size.