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Benefits of JSE Sites

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Why use a JSE site? 

We designed this service so our faculty and students can do what they do best without having to worry about all the intricacies of a website. These websites are:

✔️ Free: Stanford Engineering has contracted Stanford Web Services to build and support this service for our labs, centers, institutes, affiliates and labs. Over time, Stanford Web Services will continue to add new features and functionality, as well.

✔️ Hosted: Stanford Engineering pays for the hosting on Acquia.

✔️ Secure: Stanford Engineering pays for regular security updates, seamless to the site owner and end user.

✔️ Accessible: Jumpstart Engineering sites are built and tested against accessibility measures so those using accessible technologies can access your website.

✔️ Support: Stanford Engineering provides for a basic level of support for each site.

New features

Design: Instead of putting in a help ticket to move or create new blocks, Drupal 9 uses a feature called Paragraphs, where you can create and re-arrange various types of cards and other paragraph types at any time.

Media Library: In Drupal 9, you only have to upload a photo or video once, and then you can access it as many times as needed to add it to additional pages.

Redirects and Aliases: Create your own redirects from your existing site and create aliases for shorter URLs through the Configuration menu.

Customizations: Add your own global alert (ex. COVID-19 update) and/or Super Footer (additional page info above the footer) through the Configuration --> System menu.