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Request a Drupal Jumpstart Engineering (JSE) site

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Stanford is transitioning from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 as the worldwide Drupal community will no longer be supporting version 7. All sites on Drupal 7 will need to move as of October 2021 or risk security issues with no technical support. This applies to all programs, institutes, centers, labs and affiliates who are currently on Drupal 7 Jumpstart Engineering (JSE) sites. 

Request a site

Request (paid) Web Services support for your D7 site

Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 9

Private pages (Intranet): To create private information on a public site, we recommend adding the information on Google Drive (Stanford is in the process of winding down its use of Box.) An Intranet is available as a separate site but we no longer offer sites that have public and private pages together.

Affiliates: A dedicated content type for affiliates does not exist for Drupal 9. However, you can use the “media with caption” paragraph type to add multiple logos to an affiliate page.

Administrative access: Previously, we granted a few, selective, experienced users with administrative access to update CSS and other functionality. With the university’s increased focus and accessibility and security, administrative access is no longer an option for site owners on Drupal 9.

Benefits of the shared University platform

The major difference between hiring a vendor to create a website and using the Engineering platform is that what we have is truly a platform. Stanford Web Services has created features and functionality that work across hundreds of sites and have been tested for accessibility, security and reliability.

At the same time, features and functionality that are developed by Engineering are shared with others throughout the university and we also benefit from those that others in the university develop.


Stanford Web Services has upcoming Drupal 9 training on Sept. 10 and Oct. 8.

Please note: The Engineering Sites Platform has more features and functionality than this version but it will give you the basics on how to edit and create pages in Drupal 9. They also have a user guide you can view.