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Stories (Spotlights)

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Based on your feedback that you want to be able to highlight the people in your department more prominently throughout your website, our designer at SWS created the stories paragraph type. This will give you the ability to add spotlight stories to your web pages.

Note: We’ll use “spotlights” and “stories” interchangeably.

There will be an option to display multiple stories as a part of this Paragraph Type.

Stories are made up of several parts (Title and/or Dept and the Button are optional):

Element Details
Name Required
Title and/or Dept Optional
Image* D8 will automatically add the circle formatting and the border color to any photo you add within this paragraph type. Please only use regular square or rectangular photos.
Image border color

Choosing a color is required:

  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
Quote For readability, the quote should not exceed 101 characters and there is a limit of one story per row. 
Story Link URL Required
Story Link text Required
Button Link URL Optional
Button Link text Optional

Browse all Spotlights here

example of a spotlight image off-center with two outlines
*If you use a photo that already has been cropped to a circle and/or has the color outline, the photo will look odd (off-center, additional outline)
Ken Hara
Ken Hara
Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics

“ As a kid, I was enthusiastic about aerospace but I didn’t memorize types of airplanes ... ”

Story without a button 

Caitlyn Miller
Caitlyn Miller
PhD Candidate Bioengineering

“ I was in 9th grade when my stepdad’s oral cancer returned ... ”